Emerson Lake Tour Dates 2010 seem finally complete

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It seems that the Keith Emerson and Greg Lake North American 2010 Tour dates are now somewhat finalised (stay awake though, anything can happen on planet ELP. Details are available at Pollstar

It Bites, O2 ABC2 Glasgow 5 March 2010

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It Bites at Manchester Academy 6 March 2010 (until someone posts a Glasgow video)

The John Beck Grand Entrance
I don’t know if John Beck consider himself to be the ‘leader’ of It Bites. His grand entrance after the three other members of the band on to the stage of O2 ABC2 in Glasgow  on Friday night would certainly suggest it.
Especially when he did it twice!

After the into sequence broke down and had to be restarted  he walked off stage again to make the second big entrance, by which time the moment was gone. Truly bizarre!

He continued some more bizarre behaviour by going to John Mitchell during the show to whisper is his ear to announce that they were running out of time. C’mon John you have mic in front of you  – just talk to the audience, we are happy to listen , I mean we all  wanted to attend the gig!

The Show
Anyway apart from that the show as once again an awesome show of playing and performance by the leading ‘prog’ band in the UK (if not the world in my opinion).

Opening with 1 or 2 favourites Bullet in the Barrel, All in Red some of the highlights for me were Underneath your Pillow, Old Man and the Angel (full version) Oh My god, Fahrenheit (first time live) and, at last Glasgow gets to hear Once Around the World, since we missed out on that tour last Autumn.

The remainder of the set did consist largely of tracks from The Tall Ships which is fine as it is an all round excellent album.

It Bites is always a great gig with a powerful display of great singalong songs, superlative playing and enough great ‘prog element time signature oddities to keep the proggers happy. A great balance between melodic songs, innovative arrangements and interesting forms.

The players
Lee Pomeroy is a player who clearly enjoys his time on stage. In addition to being an excellent bass player he bounds around the stage enjoying the gig which always provides a good feel good factor for the audience. Bob does his job at the kit mainly poker faced and concentrating hard on his drumming and backing vocals

John Mitchell has certainly settled in and is well accepted as part of the band and seems very comfortable in the band , even announcing that he was changing the words in Underneath your Pillow (Frankie don’t mind…)

It is always a hard gig when you follow such an iconic front man in a band. Witness, the following (any others which I have not mentioned?)

  • Alan Reed following Euan Lowson in Pallas,
  • Benoit David following Jon Anderson in Yes
  • Phil Collins following Peter Gabriel in Genesis
  • Andy Sears following Geoff Mann in Twelfth Night
  • Paul Rogers following Freddie Mercury with Queen

The Venue (and the bloody curfew)
In the It BItes forum the band are getting a little stick for paying a really short set. This, of course, may not always be the fault of the band due mainly to being a curfew set by the venue.

Given that this happened last year too you would think that the band (or at very least the promoter) would have spotted this failure and either ditch the support (maybe the band need the money from the tour ‘ buy-on’) or get a better venue, or start earlier.

There are a lot of options for venues in Glasgow than having to put up with a shitty 10 pm curfew.

I think Oran Mor would be a great gig for It Bites. Right size, better layout, good sound and good locations for pre/post beer. The Classic Grand would also be an option for a crowd of this size.

Still, all in all  a brilliant gig for the leading lights of British Progpop. Lets get the new album out and play Oran Mor next year!

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Emerson Lake Live – San Francisco date added 26 April

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According to Pollstar Keith Emerson and Greg Lake have announced another date in April – the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on 26 April.

3 more Emerson Lake shows added

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Sunday       04/11/2010    Lynn, MA
Saturday    04/24/2010    Las Vegas, NV
Wednesday    04/28/2010    Colorado Springs, CO

Guy Babylon Album released – 15 Feb 2010

February 20th, 2010 4 comments

Guy Babylons debut alum ‘The Best of Guy Babylon’ was released on 15th Feb 2010 as a download only on iTunes.

Featuring 10 tracks of total brilliance, keyboard mastery and composition the album includes a remixed version of the classic track ‘Babylon Bleu’ (the track which won Guy the Keyboard Magazine readers competition in 1987).

Check back here soon for a full review of the album.

A trust has been set up for the family of Guy Babylon at the following. Please do your best to buy the album, popularize the trust and give something back to Guy and his family for his gift of music.

Thanks must go to Jan who runs the main website and source of information on Guy at www.guybablyonfan.net

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Keith Emerson at Les Mercy show in Santa Monica 15 Feb 2010

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Keith Emerson is shown with Les Mercy after attending their show at Santa Monica.

The Watch at The Ferry Glasgow Feb 2010 – Review

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The opening act for The Watch consisted of a mellow flute and piano set by respected names John and Hackett and Nick Magnus which was excellent but a little quiet for a Glasgow crowd on a Friday night. It perhaps would have suited more of a chamber orchestra venue.

The Watch opening set continued in the same vein with John Hackett guesting on some old Genesis tracks as well as a few of their own. The crowd were as polite as Glasgow audiences can be (only shouting some ‘words of encouragement’ to the band in between songs in Scots which I’m sure was totally lost on the Italian band) but they soon got what they came for when the band launched into some Genesis classics.

This video shows them plying The Musical Box (not at Glasgow) but it shows how adept they are capturing the early Peter Gabriel-era Genesis

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ELP Photos from 1973 and 1978

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I just stumbled across the website of photographer Al Ligammari 11 (Alimar) with some great backstage an concert photos of ELP from several shows by Al himself.

1. Backstage at Toronto in 1973 (Maple Leaf Gardens?) with a few stage shots (black and white)
2. On stage in Buffalo NY (Rich Stadium?) in 1974 (black and white)
3. On stage in Buffalo NY in 1978 (colour)

Can anyone confirm the venues?

Great shots Al – thanks for sharing
Al also has others personal photos of Yes, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Steve Hackett and Gentle Giant

The Watch – Genesis ‘tribute’ band at The Ferry, Glasgow

February 8th, 2010 4 comments

The Watch are an Italian band who, it seems, sometimes perform as a Genesis covers/tribute band. They seem to have a good reputation for doing what they do quite well so I am interested in seeing them at The Ferry in Glasgow on Friday 12 Feb 2010. Genesis are not an easy band to cover so they gotta be on the ball.

The last Genesis tribute I saw was the French Canadian band called The Musical Box at the Clyde Auditorium a few years ago. They were very good and are very proud of the extremes to which they go to capture a Genesis show. The front man has studied every little body movement  and voice of Peter Gabriel to re-present the early Genesis gigs in minute detail.

They use the original stage set used by Genesis in the 70’s (made out of crepe paper and orange boxes I reckon) to deliver as close to the original gig as humanly possible and regard their gig as ‘theatre’ rather than being a covers band. Memorable moments were (I guess obviously the ones with a clear costume) such as Watcher of the Skies, the Musical Box, I know what I like and Suppers ready

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More Keith Emerson and Greg Lake USA tour dates added

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More tour dates have been added for the Emerson Lake USA Tour 2010.

Thu Apr 1 Lakewood OH Lakewood Civic Auditorium
Fri Apr 2 Glenside PA Keswick Theater
Sat Apr 3 Ridgefield CT Ridgefield Play House
Tue Apr 6 Alexandria VA The Birchmere
Thu Apr 8 New York NY Nokia Theatre Times Square
Fri Apr 9 Westbury NY Westbury Music Fair
Sat Apr 10 New Bedford, MA Zeiteron Performing Arts Center
Tue Apr 13 Montreal QC Place des Arts
Fri Apr 16 Milwaukee WI Potawatomi Casino / Northern Lights Theatre
Sat Apr 17 Merrillville IN Star Plaza Theatre
Sun Apr 18 Indianapolis IN Murat Theatre at the Murat Centre
Sun Apr 25 Los Angeles, CA Orpheum Theatre

Not all tickets are on sales yet. It seems its is down to each venue to make that decision so you can carry on the detective exercise and see if you can find out when tickets for your town go on sale.

Living on the West Coast of Scotland my local gig is obviously New York City so I got my tickets when they went on sale for the Nokia Theatre.

Ticket price for the gig $99,
plane fares $900,
accommodation, meals……..ah the things you do for an Emerson Lake gig!

BTW the Paradise Music site has really pulled all the stops out and posted a wee radio jingle for the gig in New York City.