Featured Artist: Brian Johnstone

July 4th, 2016

An interesting ‘flag flyer’ for keyboard players in Progressive Rock is Brian Johnstone. This Scottish based musician has produced 4 albums under various guises, names and projects the most recent of which is a stunningly good album called Consent Under Coercion.

The album was released in May 2016 to a favourable  reaction from the prog community. Progzilla DJ Emma Roebuk stated Consent Under Coercion was  ‘damn fine album’.  More details as

Official Brian Johnstone Website (www.brianjohnstone.com)

Listen to Consent Under Coercion (www.brianjohnstone.com/consent-under-coercion)

Free  MP3 downloads from Brian Johnstone at http://www.brianjohnstone.com/listen/

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