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Peter Gabriel (The Hydro Glasgow 2014) – Gig Review

August 23rd, 2014

There is no question that Peter Gabriel is one of classic rock/prog rock heavyweights. He does not fail to deliver live shows with anything less than 100% commitment to quality in every respect of his performance. Having seen him 5-6 times since 1984 I have always come away from his show totally speechless and awe struck.

The songs, musicianship, atmosphere, delivery, sound, light and performance are all totally superlative. It is perversely ironic that the guy who was ridiculed for being pretentious (critics’ favoured word for prog rock for some reason) by wearing a fox’s head and red dress now delivers a full ‘multimedia’ live performance that sets the standard for this kind of music and the audiences of 12000-18000 per night


Peter Gabriel – Back to Front Tour

“Peter Gabriel Back to Front Tour 2014” Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Gabriel is a master performer in every sense of the word and has an on stage persona which is second to none (no matter how many times Sky Arts show Queen and Freddie Mercury!).

The true highlights for me were:

Mercy Street – performed laying on his back on the floor with interplay from the lights.

In your Eyes – with dance routines: true World Music which must touch everyone.

Secret World – a deceptively simple song with great dynamics that most rock artists are incapable of.

This is the Picture – I remember them playing this in the mid 80’s withe the whole band playing ‘strap on’ instruments with the obligatory wee dance routines. Awesome

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