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People get Ready (Greg Lake – Songs of a Lifetime)

I first saw Greg Lake performing this song at Tarrytown Music Hall in  April 2012. I had never heard the song before but I was totally gobsmacked at this song when he played it. With no introduction and as the last song of the set, he casually meandered over to the Nord Stage 2 keyboard sat down and played this Curtis Mayfield  cover on his own style with such soul and passion.

And you might wonder why would he play keyboards when his longtime bandmaster and collaborator is the best rock keyboardist in the known universe.  Either way he played a fairly simple piano/string pad arrangement of this song which was absolutely stunning. He sang with control and emotion and with a voice that is so rich and often gospel like (despite his comments about being staunchly European in his musical roots) he stunned the audience.

Greg Lake rarely gets a lot of credit for his voice but this song ( and many others in his repertoire to be fair) proves that he is a masterful musician both as a singer, bassist and performer.  If ever there was a showcase for him (but let’s face it does not have to prove anything to anyone) this song will destroy any preconceptions about being a prog dinosaur (yawn) and all the usual standard  music journalist cliches and proves that this guy is as good as singer/musician as anyone in rock music.

A great cover of  a great song by a superlative singer and performer. What else to say?

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