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Steve Hackett at the Ferry, Glasgow 2010 9 Nov

November 20th, 2009 No comments

Sods Law. Talk about luck or lack of it. It was bad enough that Yes were playing in Edinburgh on the same night as Steve Hackett plays The Ferry in Glasgow but the weather contrived to make it even harder to get to either gig. My buddies (both Yes fans) opted to go for the Yes gig at the Usher Hall but, given that I had seen Yes many times recently and that I hadn’t seen Steve Hackett live since about 1981 I opted to go to see him at The Ferry in Glasgow.

Arriving in Glasgow at 8.45 I literally got to teh show as the band came on which was excellent news. The gig was very busy (a lot of people crammed on to a wee ex-car Ferry with a shitty view). The first half of the gig was taken up largely by newer Steve Hackett compositions including some from current album ‘From the Mouth of the Tunnel’

The crowd took little encouragement to ‘go mental’ (a Scottish colloquialism for being loud and appreciative) and of course with Nick Beggs wearing his customary leather kilt we all felt at home. After the break the band launched into a bevvy of old Hackett favourites including The Steppes, Spectral Mornings and  also threw in a few old Genesis favourites such as Firth of Fifth and Horizons.

Overall it was a great gig by the band and the crows loved it too. Lets hope it not a another 20 years before he comes back to Glasgow

You can see some video of the Glasgow gig courtesy of Defector Mornings on YouTube as well a load of other video shots from the 2009 Steve Hackett Tour.

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New Greg Lake website!

November 10th, 2009 No comments

Having only just recovered from the news about Greg and Keith writing together again and the Emerson Lake and Palmer gig in summer 2010 we get even more good news. Greg Lake’s new website has finally been launched.

Some neat stuff on it including the Museum, Greg Lake Speaks and a new video of the Mandoki Soulmates featuring Bobby Kimball, Paul Carrack and Greg Lake.

If you fancy a wee chat with Greg there is also an opportunity for a ‘chat’ with Greg on 15  Nov 2009 at 10pm GMT (5pm ET). Lets hope people ask sensible questions.

Greg Lake interview

November 9th, 2009 No comments

Well done to Carla Huntington of New Ears Blog (New Englands ear on progresive rock) for getting an interview with Greg Lake. It is great to get some good information as the long suffering ELP fans rarely get much substance on any of the bands websites.

What was brilliant was that Greg mentioned that he and Keith are writing together again. It sounds so bizarre because from all the comments we see and hear you would think the two are arch enemies and sometimes wonder why they ever worked together at all. But as he says in the interview it is like a marriage.

Two good ELP news stories in one week – gasp. We are all in shock. ‘am or cheese!

ELP announce gig on 25 July 2010

November 8th, 2009 3 comments

It’s official! The announcement we though we’d never hear. ELP have finally committed to doing a gig in July 2010. They have agreed to headline the UK based High Voltage Festival. I don’t know much about the festival but it has to be worth the trip to see the band perform live again.

The official announcement on ELP’s own site and Tony Ortiz’s site promises that we can expect ‘canons, pyrotechnics and a supreme production alongside the stunning musicianship and songs that made ELP the legends they truly are’.

Hopefully we can get to hear some songs which we dont often hear live such as Trilogy, Karn Evil 9, Pirates, Canario (c’mon even Carl’s band plays it on guitar!), Living Sin (c’mon Marc Bonilla carried it off)

Steve Hackett in Glasgow

November 6th, 2009 No comments

It’s great to see Steve Hackett back in Glasgow. I lost track of his career a wee bit but the last time I saw him in Glasgow was 1980-1981 in the Glasgow Apollo on the Spectral Mornings tour. It was an awesome gig as I remember.

Highlights I recall were starting with a thundering version of Please Don’t Touch with a single spot lighting him from floor level behind. Other memories were his brother playing flute, Nik Magnus on keyboards (i think) and great versions of Tigermoth and Spectral Mornings.

Still being in school at the time and only having been to a few gigs I was totally blown away by theses gigs so it is smashing to see him back in town. Very excited about this gig although the down side is that I am missing Yes’s  only Scottish date at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

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