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Pallas live at The Ferry Glasgow 9 Oct 09

October 11th, 2009 No comments

Despite all the crap that Pallas have had to endure during their career they showed they they are still the best progressive rock band of the post 70’s prog bands on Friday night (the so-called New Wave of British Progressive Rock)  when they played the Ferry in Glasgow (the first time for them at this venue as far as I know) and played a very good show.

They had a few minor technical issues with Ronnie Browns keyboards but that prompted a wee bit of chat-chat between band and audience – perhaps the kind of chit-chat you can only get with a Scottish audience. No big deal though – that’s live performance for you. If you want perfection stay at home and listed to the CD.

In a fairly ‘typical’ modern Pallas set highlights for me were :

The Cross and the Crucible with the aggressive thundering Rickenbacker bass of Graeme Murray coupled with Ronnie Brown’s big choir pads and voice samples.  See a video of the Cross and the Crucible on

Midas Touch – another thumping bass ostinato, a good catchy one line chorus and awesome guitar work from Niall.

Cut and Run – the classic Sentinel track complete with Euan on vocals

New Tracks – They premiered some demo tracks for the ‘imminent’ (in Pallas’ timescale!) new album. The new tracks showed a much more aggressive almost Metallica/metal type of feel but still with some melody and arrangements – which is exactly the thing Pallas are great at.

They were perhaps a little under rehearsed (their words,not mine) but it was still a great gig as always. Pallas have been together for eons and are very adept at performing so it is never going to be bad gig (except by their standards). They are band that always deliver in live performance. They don’t perform that much but they do prove that quality us better than quantity in the world of rock music.

As has become somewhat customary, Euan Lowson did appear for a bit of nostaligia with  renditions of Cut and Run and Arrive Alive. If you think Euan is unpredictable in normal circumstances try watching him performing when he has had a few drinks! Cavorting around on stage like a madman he lifted Alan Reed upside down behind his back over his shoulders – sort of thing, and continued to sing.

It was a good end to another rare Pallas performance. Great music, great musician ship, great performance and a bit of light hearted entertainment.  Pallas have it all, so lets have some more, lads

Who said prog rock doesn’t have a sense of humour?

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Carl Palmer the singer?

October 11th, 2009 No comments

On the BBC Radio 2 programme Sounds of the Seventies DJ Johnny Walker played some old interview clips from Carl Palmer (apparently from 1978) where Carl mentioned a few things about the number and types on instruments he plays and has great freedom to do all this within the framework of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. More significantly Carl says that he would like to sing in a band.

He has always harbored a desire to sing in a band but would not want to be come a ‘Ringo Starr or anything like that. I think Greg Lake may have a thing or two to say about 1. Carl singing and 2. Ringo Starr.