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Keith Emerson to appear at Moog Exhibition on 29 Aug 09

August 24th, 2009 No comments

Keith Emerson is to appear at a special Moog Exhibition Reception at the Museum of  Making Music in Carlsbad, California on 29 Aug 09. The Museum is presenting a ‘demonstration and music’ by Emerson and Erik Norlander. Emerson is to demonstrate his Moog Modular system. More details…

The demonstration is part of the The Waves of Inspiration Exhibition: The Legacy of Moog, which is dedicated to the work of Robert Moog, and amongst other things has the first public display of some ‘artifacts from Moogs archives ‘.

Keith did appear at the Moogfest in 2006.

ELP Photos

August 20th, 2009 No comments

Some neat photos are published on the ELP Pool at Flickr.

Personal Highlights
The Oval 1972 – Photos from the gig ELP played at Londons Oval (the cricket ground) with the real cardboard Tarkus ! photos from David Buckley

Maple Leaf Gardens in 1978 – nice shots of Keith and Greg – from jlacpo

Karn Evil: intro for Atlas Fireworks Show

August 20th, 2009 No comments

The Atlas Fireworks Show opened with a shortened version of Karn Evil 9. After the voice introduction to the show Karn Evil kicks in. It has a brief edit to the ‘See the Show’ end sequence to launch the fireworks show.

After that it goes straight into the original version of Carl Orffs Carmina Burana which ELP fans will recognise from the last lot of Keith Emerson tours.

Atlas Fireworks Show

ELP’s Canario is a classic

August 19th, 2009 No comments

ELP’s keyboard version of Canario is a brilliant adaptation of Rodrigo’ piece and is a classic ELP instrumental without question. Carl Palmers guitar arrangement (being the only version to appear live from any of ELP) captures all the energy that ELP caught in the studio.

What a shame (another one alas) that ELP never performed this track live – it really rocks. Sure the original is great too with classical guitar and orchestra, but the Emerson Lake and Palmer arrangement is awesome with all the new colour /sound palette which Emerson had available at that time including the Yamaha GX-1 and the Korg PS 3300.

Another positive vote for Love Beach.

Carl Palmer – Working Live Vol 3

August 18th, 2009 No comments

Imminent Release of Working Live Vol 3
Carl has also announced the imminent release of  another live album called …wait for it…..Working Live Vol 3 which is to feature  amongst other things his ‘guitar’ version of Bitches Crystal from Tarkus which was performed on the last ELP Tour and Keith Emerson Tour.

It should be another interesting album with guitar versions of the ELP classics. Most of the previous guitar arrangement of classic tracks for were Trilogy (from Trilogy) and Canario (from Love Beach).

For me Love Beach has a lot of good moments. Despite the poor concept and packaging etc a lot of the songs are actually very good. OK they are not all Emerson, Lake and Palmer classics but Taste of my Love and The Gambler are good ‘pop’ songs but of course a lot of ELP fans can’t handle this kind of stuff. (I’ll do more ranting about/defending of Love Beach another time).

If only Carl could get a decent website!

New Greg Lake website coming soon…

August 16th, 2009 1 comment

The official Greg Lake website has a holding page announcing that the new website will launched ………er……..soon.

In the meantime you can at least get a few scraps of  information at his My Space website .

Carl Palmer’s new drum kit

August 14th, 2009 No comments

35  years or so after Carl Palmer got his first stainless steel drum kit it seems that he has done it all again!  His website shows him sitting behind the new 100th anniversary kit manufactured by Ludwig and apparently given to Carl for his ‘return’ to Ludwig (that’ll be a freebie then).

A little smaller than the last  stainless steel kit (the one featured on the ‘Welcome Back my Friends’ tour and live album) this one looks like it has two bass (kick) drums, two mounted toms and two floor toms.

Not being a drummer I don’t know all the technical details but they all have shells, heads, tuning bolts and are no doubt very loud when you stand next to them.

Guy Babylon: Babylon Bleu – surely not a one off?

August 2nd, 2009 6 comments

Sometimes you find an artist (Guy Babylon in this case) who you just wish would release more music as you know they are so capable of producing great stuff. Keyboard Magazine in the late eighties used to run readers songs competitions. If you were an unsigned artist you could submit a song or tune to the competition. They would release the winning track on ‘fexi-disc’ (gasp!) which, to be fair,  was fairly adventurous at the time as it still cost a lot of cash to produce music on proper vinyl etc or CD, which at that time as only a few years old. Kudos to Keyboard Magazine for trying. (it was good mag in those days – now it is a small pile off …erm…advertising.)

The winner of the competition was a bloke called Guy Babylon with a track called Babylon Bleu.

The track was an awesome demonstration of a progressive instrumental track. With some very adventurous sounds (for that time) and some great playing Babylon, in less than 3 minutes, takes you through a range of musical motifs sounding like a true 5 member prog band.

You can hear the track on a download at KVR Audio Forums along with most of the other Keyboard Mag flexi disc release – some great stuff there!

With organs, sampled voices and an excellent synth/sampled guitar (expertly played) Babylon shows how to  really rock on keyboards. The track has great riffs, great programming, super funky piano and organ and very neat playing – especially the Jan Hammer like pseudo-guitar. A truly awesome piece of music. I wish I could get a modern digitally produced and mastered version of it. Guy, my cash is waiting!

The irony is that is the only piece of music  I could ever find from Guy Babylon despite years of searching. He has been part of the Elton John gigging band for many years  but doesn’t seem to release any of his own music. A real shame since (in my opinion) we really lack keyboard playing standard bearers.

He does have his own fab website at website but is mostly dedicated to touring with Elton John and other session  stuff he has done. C’mon Guy write a few solo albums and let us hear what you can really do with today with modern recording technology.

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