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Prog Rock Radio on Live 365

May 21st, 2009 No comments

I damaged my little finger (my pinky) playing rugby recently so I couldn’t play piano.  So I have been spending quite  lot of time listening to Prog Rock Radio (the Live 365 radio based in New Jersey, USA). It is such a great way to get exposure to new bands and styles of music. Kudos to Anton who runs the station.

Prog Rock Radio

Prog Rock Radio

Inevitably there is a fair amount of stuff which I am not a fan of but all credit to Anton for running a station where we can get access to preview new stuff. I have wishlisted many tracks but I did run into a problem with some incorrectly labeled stuff. I heard a track by a  band called which thought was awesome. I immediately opened the link for more info, went to Amazon to order it.

I realised later that the label was all wrong. I thought I was listening to a band called RPWL from Germany so I ordered the CD. Then I realised that the CD I ordered was Antenna (which was a pile of crap). Worse than that: when I checked out the RPWL band that I thought I liked I realised that they were just as crap. So I dunno which song I listened to.

So Anton could you please have  a look and see what the issue is. I suspect it may be something to do with the Live 365 station labels things. But it really hurts my head trying to trace the bands from incorrectly labeled Amazon/iTunes popups.

Apart from that respect to Anton for the service!

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Focus at the Ferry, Glasgow

May 6th, 2009 No comments

Whatever the ‘ageists’ say about rock and roll being a youth phenomenon they got blown out of the water tonight at the Ferry with an astounding performance by Focus. With original drummer Pierre van der Linden and band mainstay and flag holder Thijs van Leer Focus proved they can still rock.

You just can’t beat a few blokes on stage playing good music with good technique performing for a crowd of enthusiasts. Excellent. No big lights, no stadiums with monster delay, no rip off tickets, no corporate sponsorship: just four guys up there doing it. Thats all fans want.

I have seen Focus at the Ferry 3 times in past few years Thijs van Leer’s clever and humorous quips and friendly dialogue with the audience. He is definitely more engaging than a lot of performers and gives the audience good value.

On previous occasions Focus played a shortish set with a mixture of classics and modern compositions – man, they will soon reach Focus 43 if they can’t think up better names for tunes!

Apart from song overly long guitar solos (and also the obligatory bass and drum solos) it was a great nights entertainment with an almost 2.5 hour set.

Highlights were the versions of Focus 3, Eruption and a Thijs Van Leer solo section on organ, flute and ….vocoder with a great choir setting. So many people thing a vocoder can only be used for Video Killed the Radio Star synthesised vocals, or Cher pitch shifting but kudos to Focus for more innovation here

Overall a good evenings entertainment – keep coming back lads!

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ELP and Keith Emerson Tour Cancelled

May 6th, 2009 No comments

Bad News for ELP fans again. Due to a recurrence of the right hand/right arm problem (Focal Dystonia) Keith Emerson has cancelled his summer 2009 Tour and the subsequent Emerson, Lake and Palmer Tour in late 2009. Mentioned in a personal letter by Emerson himself he apologises and explains how devastated he is at having to cancel the tours.

Man its never easy being an ELP fan. Bad enough that you get a tour at 10 year intervals but when it looks like you get a chance it gets wrecked by egos, bad management, force majeure, timing or just pure ELP fan bad luck. Yes the light at the end of the ELP Tunnel is switched off again.

I guess the one positive comment is that at least Keith and Greg were talking adn actually had agreed to do the tour in the first place. There goes another chance to justify going to from Scotland to NYC for the gig at BB Kings! Bummer.